Board Members



Lauren Glaza


As President, Lauren plays an active role in all of our chapter’s functions. She runs and facilitates our monthly meetings, spearheads the planning of WSPS’s large events such as the R.A.N. Apothecary Ball and Conference on Conferences, as well as attends national and state conferences on behalf of the organization.


Jennifer Velikodanov


As President-Elect, Jenny serves as the point of contact for the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW) and runs the PSW journal club for WSPS. Jenny will work closely with the current WSPS President as she prepares to step into her role as President next year. Lastly, Jenny represents WSPS and The University of Wisconsin- Madison School of Pharmacy at national and regional conferences.


Nora Pecha


As secretary, Nora’s main tasks involve communication and organization of information presented in general and board meetings. Nora keeps members updated by sending a monthly e-newsletter to share announcements as well as important information regarding upcoming WSPS events. Nora takes meeting minutes at every general member and board member meeting and shares these as a resource to refer back to following meetings. Nora also collects club information year-round to organize and submit the annual Chapter Achievement Report that is submitted to the national APhA organization on behalf of our chapter. Lastly, Nora contributes to the organization and creation of events during American Pharmacist month which occurs in October.


Jenna Harnish


As treasurer, Jenna manages all of the finances of WSPS to ensure adequate funding for all community outreach efforts and professional development events. She also handles all of the funds from membership dues, reimbursements, and fundraising. Finally, she works with university programs to apply for annual grants on behalf of WSPS.


Soua Yang

Position title: Treasurer-Elect


As treasurer-elect, Soua assists the treasurer in managing finances for WSPS, as well as trains to become the treasurer for the following year.

Student Senate Representative

David Potapenko


As the student senate representative, David acts as a liaison between WSPS and the rest of the student senate and other groups, relaying information about what we are up to as an organization. He also collaborates with various organizations within the school to promote school-wide events, as well as WSPS-sponsored events and other activities that the executive board requires assistance with.

DPH-1 Representative

To Be Determined

As the DPH-1 Representative, this person serves as a source of communication and information between the DPH-1 class and the board.

As Co-Directors of Community Outreach, Jess and Hannah oversee all events and activities related to the Operations and MEDiC. They provide support to the Operation co-chairs and step in to help when needed. Co-Directors of Community Outreach serve on the WSPS Executive Board as voting members and help provide feedback to keep WSPS running smoothly.


As the Policy Liaisons, Jacob and Sierra help educate WSPS members on legislative issues, write proposed resolutions advocating for the pharmacy profession through APhA-ASP, present these policy proposals at the Midyear Regional Meeting, and host Legislative Day in the spring.

As Fundraising Co-Chairs, McKennah and Kate help coordinate multiple fundraisers throughout the year including the Basic Life Support classes, White Coat Ceremony Rose Sales, Finals Goodie Bags, T-shirt sales/design, and PSW Toolkits. All of the proceeds from the sales and events help support various WSPS outreach events, fairs, and operations!


Erika Intrepidi


As Membership Chair, Erika is responsible for coordinating the membership drive for WSPS, organizing the annual Meet N’ Greet, continuing membership development and tracking involvement, and helping to plan the monthly WSPS meetings. Visit the membership page for additional information!

As Professionalism Co-Chairs, Abby, Tracy, and Davina organize the White Coat Ceremony for DPh-1 students, mock interviews for DPh-4 students, networking roundtables, and a Professional Development Mini-Series for students in the Spring.

As Operation Heart Co-Chairs, Taylor and Kelsie work with pharmacies, local organizations, and members of the Madison community to organize blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease risk assessment screenings. In addition, Operation Heart aims to educate people of all ages on the importance of heart health awareness, as well as provide tips for healthy lifestyle modifications to lower the risk of heart disease.
As co-chairs of Operation Diabetes (OD), Lauren and Kenzie are focused on increasing awareness of type 2 diabetes throughout the community. OD performs diabetes risk assessments and A1C testing to educate the Madison community on the importance of regular glucose screenings and about risk factors to better prevent and maintain control of diabetes. OD also promotes diabetes awareness through interactive school presentations to elementary, middle, and high school students about the disease and healthy habits for prevention. OD also partners up with Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) to provide a program aimed at providing specific diabetes education sessions to members of the Madison community.

OTC Medication Safety provides pharmacy students with opportunities to educate children and adults about safe over-the-counter medication use. Led by co-chairs Alexa and Emily, OTC Medication Safety promotes engagement in all aspects of wellness including nutrition, exercise, mental health, sleep hygiene, safe medication use, and more among individuals in the community as well as our fellow classmates.

As Operation Immunization (OI) Co-Chairs, Ellie and William work to educate the community about the importance and impact of immunizations. OI offers pharmacy students the opportunity to screen patients to determine vaccine eligibility under the supervision of a pharmacist. Students also have the opportunity to participate at health fairs, educate the community about HPV for HPV Awareness Day, and educate older adults at a colloquium on aging. Operation Immunization also organizes the Fall Flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine clinics allowing certified pharmacy students the opportunity to administer vaccinations.
Operation Substance Use Disorder is a pharmacy student-driven outreach program that aims to educate the community on the dangers of underage drinking, alcohol dependency, tobacco use, non-medical use of prescription drugs, abuse of over-the-counter medications, and illicit drug use. Early intervention is key to preventing substance abuse and diminishes the negative consequences of addiction before they occur. Led by co-chairs Jessica and Luke, Operation Substance Use Disorder delivers presentations on this topic at the middle and high school levels, as well as at community health fairs. Additionally, this operation works with pharmacy residents at the Madison VA to be available to answer questions during educational presentations.

As Operation Airways co-chairs, Lauren and Amrit promote airway health by participating in local health fairs and other events. At health fairs, they supply tobacco cessation and prevention information/resources, while assessing asthma control and using asthma and COPD devices, such as inhalers and peak flow meters. Providing education on the proper use and techniques for these devices is critical to asthma/COPD control. Lauren and Amrit also work to educate younger members of the community by presenting the dangers associated with the use of tobacco products. They have a successful middle school tobacco prevention presentation geared towards high school students and focuses on the use of electronic cigarettes, which have been growing in popularity within this patient population. Lastly, with the additional work of previous co-chairs, they oversee a pharmacist-run smoking cessation program at one of the student-run MEDiC clinics here in Madison. Along with pharmacist preceptors, they lead visits with patients regarding smoking cessation and work alongside providers to make NRT recommendations as indicated. They are working to expand the role of a pharmacist and are excited about these patient interactions and their presence within the clinic.

As Organ Donation Awareness co-chairs, Sierra and Hannah work directly with the University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation service to plan events to promote the Wisconsin Donor Registry. Organ Donation Awareness coordinates with WSPS to educate the community about pharmacist involvement in organ donation awareness and encourages people to become organ donors. ODA also holds Bone Marrow Drives with the national registry Be the Match, facilitates fundraisers throughout the year in support of the Restoring Hope Transplant House in Middleton, WI, and coordinates a class regarding the importance of medication adherence for transplant patients at UW Hospitals and Clinics.

As Personal Health Partners Co-Chairs, Jared and Michael work to form an interprofessional collaboration between pharmacy, dietetics, and physical therapy students to work with underserved, diverse populations at Port St. Vincent’s — an organization that provides emergency shelter to homeless men. Each month, pharmacy students have the opportunity to team up with dietetics and physical therapy students to educate residents about important health topics, such as smoking cessation, hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes. We also coordinate with other WSPS Community Outreach programs to provide free health screenings.

Jared and Michael are also our United Way Liaisons. The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin has teamed up with the United Way of Dane County for the Safe and Healthy Aging Initiative. This initiative provides Dane County senior citizens with pharmacist-led comprehensive medication reviews in order to reduce the number of medication-associated falls in this population. Student pharmacists work as intake volunteers to provide an accurate list of each patient’s demographics, allergies, immunizations, and medications prior to meeting with the pharmacist.

MedDrop is a local initiative focused on safe medication disposal of unused or expired medications to decrease drug diversion, abuse, misuse, poisoning, and environmental damage. As MedDrop co-chairs, Jessa and Sawyer work to coordinate and schedule MedDrop events within Safe Communities, Oakwood Village, the UW campus, and local police stations and fire departments. Pharmacy students participate in DEA National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days and educational events, such as high school presentations. MedDrop partners with Generation Rx and Safe Communities as appropriate to help promote safe medication storage and disposal as well as expand opportunities for community outreach.

Operation Reproductive Health

Sydney McKersie

Position title: Operation Reproductive Health Co-Chair


Kelby Drogemuller

Position title: ORH Chair


Operation Reproductive Health is dedicated to educating individuals about a variety of health topics and empowering them to make informed decisions about their health. Outreach efforts are targeted toward providing essential resources to families in need, educating on contraception and HIV prevention as well as physical and mental health. Our main goal is to help members of the Madison community and fellow student pharmacists to become advocates for themselves and others in an inclusive environment.

Public Relations

Reem Salah

Position title: Public Relations Chair


As public relations chair, Reem promotes WSPS events through our website, instagram, facebook, and other outlets. She also assists in the planning and promotion of American Pharmacists Month which occurs in October. Contact Reem for any update requests for the WSPS website or social media.

American Pharmacists Association

Ryan Smith

Position title: APhA Liaison


As APhA Liaison, Ryan is responsible for promoting and facilitating student involvement in the Midyear Regional Meeting, the APhA Annual Meeting, as well as coordinating the Patient Counseling Competition.

American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Malena Tonelli

Position title: ASHP Liaison


As ASHP Liaison, Malena is responsible for coordinating the Clinical Skills Competition, promoting and facilitating student involvement in the ASHP Midyear Annual Meeting, and promoting Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee meetings. She also organizes roundtables for students to discuss the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) and other issues in pharmacy.

Medic- Student Run Free Medical Clinics

Mohammad Suleiman

Credentials: MEDiC


MEDiC Student-Run Free Clinics is an interprofessional program made possible by many health science programs at UW-Madison. Student volunteers from these programs work together with health professionals to provide health care to community members with limited or no access to health care. With over 20 MEDiC clinics each month, student volunteers are able to practice their knowledge in a real-life setting while providing care to community members who need it most. Contact Mohammad, our MEDiC Liason, for more information.