Board Members

Executive Board Members 2018-2019

Hannah Hecht


As WSPS President, Hannah assumes the role of leading WSPS to a successful year of patient care, community outreach and professional development. Non-voting member of the WSPS Executive Board.

Katie Sherman

President Elect

As President-Elect, Katie promotes PSW events, organizes Writing Club and shadows the President. President-Elect serves as a voting member on the Executive Council.


Angie Ngo


The secretary is a voting member of the executive committee and takes minutes at all executive committee, board, and general member meetings. The secretary plans the Walk to End Alzheimer’s team in the fall and plans American Pharmacist Month activities in October. The secretary is additionally in charge of reporting through APhA.

Greg Norsten


As treasurer, Greg is responsible for managing the finances of WSPS to ensure that we can fund all community outreach efforts and professional development events. Additionally, the treasurer organizes and directs meetings with the Membership, Professionalism, and Fundraising co-chairs as necessary to aid them in performing their vital functions within WSPS.

Austin Lange


As treasurer-elect, Austin assists in managing the finances of WSPS to ensure funding for all community outreach efforts and professional development events.

Rachel Kent

Student Senate Representative

As student senate representative, Rachel attends all Student Senate meetings as the WSPS representative in order to get WSPS funding for its many outreach programs and represent their voices on school wide decisions. Student Senate Representative serves on the WSPS executive board as a voting member.

Andrew Osterbauer

Co-Director of Community Outreach

Brooke Holloway

Co-Director of Community Outreach

As Co-Directors of community outreach, Andrew and Brooke oversee all events and activities related to the Operations and MEDiC. Co-Directors of Community Outreach serves on the WSPS Executive Board as a voting member.

Tuyet Nguyen

As the DPH-1 Representative, Tuyet helps to convey information between WSPS and the first year class.


As Policy Liaisons, Drew and Michael help educate WSPS members on legislative issues, write proposed resolutions advocating for the pharmacy profession through APhA-ASP, present these policy proposals at the Midyear Regional Meeting, and host Legislative Day in the spring.
As fundraising co-chairs, Cecilia and Jayne help coordinate CPR training for the 1st and 3rd years, design and sell the fabulous WSPS t-shirts, create and sell finals goodie bags, and our biggest event is running the WSPS Silent Auction and RxFactor Talent Show. All of the proceeds from the sales and events help support various WSPS outreach events, fairs, and operations.
As Membership Chair, Emily is responsible for coordinating the membership drive for WSPS, organizing the annual Meet N Greet, continuing membership development, and helping in planning the monthly WSPS meetings. Visit the membership page for additional information.
As Professionalism co-chairs, Abby and Paige help in planning the Round Table Networking Event in the fall and DPH-1 White Coat Ceremony in the spring.
As Operation Heart Co-chairs, Matt and Allie work with community groups and pharmacies to organize blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease risk assessment screenings around southern Wisconsin. In addition, the Operation Heart group provides tips for healthy lifestyle modifications to lower the risks of these conditions.
Operation Diabetes co-chairs, Greg and Jess, work with pharmacies and community organizations to perform blood glucose screenings and diabetes risk assessments in our community. With the help of student volunteers, we are responsible for educating individuals on healthy living and lifestyle choices to promote diabetes awareness. Operation Diabetes has also teamed up with Madison-area schools to provide presentations encouraging youth to stay active and eat healthy in order to reduce their diabetes risk.
Operation Self Care provides pharmacy students with opportunities to educate the community on prevention and management of disease states that are treatable with over the counter medications and/or lifestyle modifications. Currently, we have education material on the topics of Reducing Heartburn, Low-Dose Aspirin and Safe Label Reading and Dosing.
As Operation Immunization Co-chairs, Paige and Samantha work to educate the community about the importance and impact of immunizations, screen at pharmacies, and participate at health fairs. Operation Immunization also organizes the School of Pharmacy Fall Flu Clinic offering certified third year students the opportunity to administer vaccinations.
GenerationRx is a pharmacy student driven outreach program that aims to educate the community on the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. Prescriptions are often thought to be ‘safe’ to consume because they are so often prescribed, yet this is incorrect. Prescription drugs can be quite dangerous, and this is why they are accompanied by strict directions and specific doses. Generation Rx organizes and delivers presentations on this topic at the high school and collegiate levels, as well as at community health fairs.
As Operation Airways co-chairs, Elyse and Ashley promote airway health by participating in local health fairs along with other types of events. At health fairs, they supply tobacco cessation and prevention information/resources, while also facilitating lung function screenings. They assess asthma control along with the proper use of asthma and COPD devices, such as inhalers and peak flow meters. Providing education on the proper use and techniques for these devices is critical to asthma/ COPD control.
Elyse and Ashley also work to educate younger members of the community by presenting about the dangers associated with the use of tobacco products. They have a successful middle school tobacco prevention presentation and have also implemented a combined presentation with Operation Heart. This combined presentation is geared towards high school students and it focuses on the use of electronic cigarettes, which has been growing in popularity within this patient population. Lastly, with the additional work of previous co-chair Rachel Gibbons, Elyse and Ashley have created a pharmacist- run smoking cessation program at one of the student-run MEDiC clinics here in Madison. Along with pharmacist preceptors they lead visits with patients regarding smoking cessation and work alongside providers to make NRT recommendations as indicated. They are working to expand the role of a pharmacist and are excited about these patient interactions and their presence within the clinic.

As Organ Donation Awareness co-chairs, Lizeth and Emily  work directly with the University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation service to plan events to promote the Wisconsin Donor Registry. Organ Donation Awareness coordinates with WSPS to educate the community about pharmacist involvement in organ donation awareness, and encourages people to become an organ donor. ODA also holds an educational colloquium each year on the importance of organ donation, facilitates fundraisers throughout the year in support of the Restoring Hope Transplant House in Middleton, WI, and prepares a submission for a national contest among pharmacy schools                                                                                            through the American Society of Transplant (AST).

As Personal Health Partners Co-Chairs, Jordan and Kristen work to form an interprofessional collaboration between pharmacy and dietetics students to work with undeserved, diverse populations at both The River Food Pantry, and Port St. Vincent’s — an organization that provides emergency shelter to homeless men. Each month, pharmacy students have the opportunity to team up with dietetics students to educate residents about important health topics, such as bone health, hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes. We also coordinate with other WSPS Community Outreach programs to provide free health screenings.

Jordan and Kristen are also our United Way Liasons. The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin has teamed up with the United Way of Dane County for the Safe and Healthy Aging Initiative. This initiative provides Dane County senior citizens with pharmacist led comprehensive medication reviews in order to reduce the number of medication associated falls in this population. Student pharmacists work as intake volunteers to provide an accurate list of each patient’s demographics, allergies, immunizations, and medications prior to meeting with the pharmacist.

As MedDrop co-chairs,  Sarah and Anna work to coordinate and schedule MedDrop events within Safe Communities, Oakwood Village, the UW campus, and local police stations. MedDrop events range from medication collection events to educational events, such as MedDrop Scoop. Pharmacy student volunteers are recruited to help host medication collection events and educational events as needed. MedDrop partners with Generation Rx and Safe Communities as appropriate to help promote safe medication disposal and expand opportunities. Overall, the main goal of MedDrop is to promote safe and secure disposal of unwanted medications. By promoting safe medication disposal, we prevent drug diversion, abuse and environmental damage.


Public Relations

Katie Ploszaj


As Public Relations Coordinator, Katie promotes WSPS events through our website, social media and other outlets. She also assists in the planning and promotion of American Pharmacists Month.






American Pharmacists Association

Shelby Koen


As APhA Liaison, Shelby is responsible for promoting and facilitating student involvement in the Midyear Regional Meeting, the APhA Annual Meeting, as well as coordinating the Patient Counseling Competition.








American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Kiera Roubal


As ASHP liaison, Kiera is responsible for coordinating the Clinical Skills Competition, promoting and facilitating student involvement in the ASHP Midyear Annual Meeting, and promoting Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee meetings. She also organizes roundtables for students to discuss the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) and other issues in pharmacy.







MEDiC- Student Run Free Medical Clinics

 Cassie Sedgwick


MEDiC Student-Run Free Clinics is an interprofessional program made possible by many health science programs at UW-Madison. Student volunteers from these programs work together with health professionals to provide health care to community members with limited or no access to health care. With over 20 MEDiC clinics each month, student volunteers are able to practice their knowledge in a real-life setting while providing care to community members who need it most. Contact Cassie, our MEDiC Liason, for more informaiton.