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Who: DPH-1 to DPH-3 (anyone is welcome though)

General Overview: MRM is one of the only meetings designed specifically for pharmacy students. This is a great opportunity to network with students in your region. Wisconsin is part of region IV, which includes WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, and KY. The location changes on a yearly basis, but it is always held in one of these states. The main event is the policy process where students from each chapter propose a policy change and engage in a group discussion and debate. This gives students the opportunity to voice their opinion and observe how policy changes occur. At the end, one policy is chosen to move onto the House of Delegates. These sessions are valuable to all student pharmacists regardless of how far in school they are. MRM offers countless opportunities and lots of fun; all students are encouraged to attend.

Online link: http://mrm.pharmacist.com/mrm/

Students to contact for more information: Amanda Egbert, APhA liaison (egbert2@wisc.edu)