Community Outreach

WSPS Community Outreach consists of 10 different outreach programs, all with the goal of promoting the profession of pharmacy and expanding health care access and education in the community.


One of the main focuses of Community Outreach are the Operations, all of whom promote specific health care services and education throughout the community. These include Operations Heart, Diabetes, Self Care, Immunization, Airways, and Organ Donation Awareness. Please see descriptions of each of the operations below for more information!

Another strong component of WSPS Community Outreach are a variety of programs focused specifically on education about various prevalent health care projects. These include Generation Rx, Organ Donation Awareness, Med Drop, Personal Health Partners, MEDiC, and PSW/United Way. Please see descriptions of each program below for more information!



Sign up sheets will be emailed to members, and will be accessible via password given out at the end of each general meeting.


WSPS Community Outreach will be led by Andrew Osterbauer ( and Brooke Holloway ( for the 2018-2019 school year.