Welcome to Phi Lambda Sigma – Beta Alpha Chapter! at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Congratulations to the Leaders of the Month!

Zachary McCarty


“They’ve gone out of their way to provide study materials for our class – networking with older students and posting things on the Facebook Page.”

Jess Fairbanks


“She has really taken on the role as co class president very well and I feel the atmosphere and attitude of the DPH-2 class has shifted because of her.”
“Taking on presidency with a, let’s say more *challenging* class, is not an easy task but Jess has stepped up to the plate! Also planning the school wide picnic!”

Will Strauss


He has been an incredible friend, teammate, and student this Fall. He is so well-spoken, gets along with everyone, and is always willing to help. He is doing great and I wish him the best as we continue throughout the rest of the semester. Go Will!!”

“Will Strauss has been making great efforts to get DPH-1 students involved in student orgs. He has sacrificed his time and has volunteered with the purpose that other students may benefit. He is a great person with fantastic energy and always fun to talk with.”

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Curious what are PLS members are up to?

Watch the video created by PLS alumni Elyse Keating about the Day in the Life of Pharmacy School!

“PLS invites you to take an inside look at the lives of our incredible student pharmacists here at the University of Wisconsin- Madison School of Pharmacy. Badger pharmacists far and wide, we hope you celebrate the impact you have on patient care and for those of you working day in and day out to achieve that goal, your dedication and drive is inspirational. If you are considering walking through the doors of Rennehbohm Hall, let me tell you, opportunity awaits!”
-Elyse Keating, PharmD