There are a variety of leadership positions available to members of SCCP. Below you will find descriptions of the current leadership positions, along with a photo of the leader and what they are looking forward to this next school year!

Andrew Osterbauer



As president, I get to work alongside the executive committee to come up with plans and ideas for SCCP. Together with the president-elect, we select and organize executive board and general member meetings throughout the semester. I facilitate executive board meetings and general member meetings as well as form agendas. I am also responsible for setting the general meeting schedule as well as finding exciting speakers to come present to us.

During the 2018-2019 school year, I hope to continue to grow SCCP and implement some exciting and innovative new ideas. I would like to continue to build a strong foundation for the organization for the year to come.


Caitlin Albrecht


President Elect

As president-elect, I fill the roles and responsibilities of the president in his absence. This includes forming agendas and facilitating executive board meetings and general member meetings when necessary. I’m also responsible for setting the general meeting schedule and for finding speakers to present to the organization. In general, I work to make sure that events run smoothly and that our organization’s various initiatives are well executed.

During the 2018-2019 school year, I hope to grow our membership and to ensure that the organization brings benefit to its members and the School of Pharmacy as a whole. I hope to increase our participation in the national organization we are part of, ACCP, and to increase our presence in the community. Being on a campus closely connected to a large research hospital provides us with many unique opportunities – during this year, I intend to capitalize as much as possible on these opportunities.

Madison Cisewski


Practice and Research Network (PRN) and CPC/CRC Co-Chair

Mara Taube


Practice and Research Network (PRN) and CPC/CRC Co-Chair

PRN Co-chairs’ Statement:
As the SCCP PRN chairs we promote student research at the School of Pharmacy. We work with faculty to establish relationships between SCCP members and research and career mentors in various clinical pharmacy settings. We also organize and lead the annual PharmD and Pharm-Tox Research Symposium at the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy to promote the research of all students. We look forward to growing the symposium so that more types of research are presented with the hopes of facilitating discussions between attendees and presenters. We also hope to increase the member involvement with the SCCP journal club to further develop our analytical and communication skills. Finally, we coordinate the Clinical Research Challenge and Clinical Pharmacy Challenge Competitions for our local branch.

Andrea Gray



As the Historian of SCCP we are responsible for creation and updating of the website with new information for the organization. This can include small updates such as meeting times, or the creation of new pages to share information with our members. I also work to post updates to the SCCP Facebook page regarding events and meetings. Another aspect of this position includes creation of newsletters that are published to the general membership that highlights past and future events and activities of SCCP. As SCCP becomes more established, I am hoping to create a history file that highlights the events of the organization.

Lindsey Skubitz



As the secretary of SCCP, my primary role is to take the minutes at each meeting and to send a copy out to the rest of the organization so that our members can stay up to date. Additionally, I will be responsible for submitting announcements to the School of Pharmacy weekly email and assisting the other executive board members with projects or events as they arise. My goal for this year is to work with the executive board to continue to grow our mentorship program, increase communication, and develop our engagement within and outside of the pharmacy school.

Musetta Steinbach



As the treasurer for the SCCP organization, my responsibilities include:

  • Promoting fiscal responsibility for the organization
  • Ensuring that we have adequate funding for our events
  • Exhibiting stewardship of resources in planning for future events
  • Maintaining the financial history in our credit union accounts
  • Preparing annual budget for upcoming spending
  • Supporting other board members as needed

For the 2017-2018 school year, I hope to evaluate the meetings, fundraising activities, and events throughout the year and see how we can make them better, increase member involvement in these activities, and promote SCCP throughout the school of pharmacy.

Amanda Bernarde


Outreach Chair

As the Outreach Chair for SCCP, my responsibilities include organizing and coordinating the SCCP mentorship program, and establishing new community relationships to provide members additional opportunities for engagement. I will continue to work to establish a connection with SCCP and local researchers for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond to give members access to research projects in clinical pharmacy, as well as continuing the success of the journal club for students to gain experience in evaluating cutting-edge clinical literature. Through these unique opportunities, I hope to play a part in the further growth of SCCP and foster communication between students and clinical pharmacists in the Madison area.