Pharm-Tox Policy Handbook

Student Organizations & Events Policies

The School of Pharmacy encourages students to become active in extracurricular pharmacy-related activities. Membership in one of the many School of Pharmacy registered student organizations is an excellent way to become involved. It also provides an opportunity to meet and network with pharmacists and others who work in a variety of settings. Although these organizations serve to enhance professional and social interaction between students, School of Pharmacy registered organizations serve many more important roles, including: advancement of pharmacy-related professions, facilitation of scholastic success, and enhancement of student leadership potential. The School of Pharmacy sponsors only those organizations which honor and respect the integrity of the University of Wisconsin.

These School of Pharmacy student organizations must register with the UW Center for Leadership & Involvement (CFLI), 716 Langdon St., 3rd Floor Red Gym, and comply with the University of Wisconsin Student Organization Policies. Copies of these policies are available from the UW CFLI. Only registered student organizations may use university facilities or the university name. Failure to comply with UW CFLI and School of Pharmacy policies may result in non-registered status. Non-registered student organizations will be prohibited from using the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy name and university facilities, and bulletin board privileges will be revoked.

  1. Bulletin Boards & Display Cases
  2. Event Announcements Involving Alcohol
  3. Events Involving Alcohol: Policies & Procedures
  4. State Law Regarding Hazing
  5. Student Organization Projects: Health Warning
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