Becoming an Ambassador

How to Apply to the Student Ambassador Program

The application to become a Student Ambassador is sent out each spring (mid- to late-March) to all PharmD and Pharm-Tox students.  The application consists of a few short essay questions and an area where you can rank the events you would like to participate in. New ambassadors are selected each year. Leadership applications are available at the same time (see Leadership page for positions).

Selection Criteria

  • Application Responses
  • Event Availability
  • Performance as an Ambassador to date (if applicable)
  • Feedback may be obtained from School of Pharmacy faculty or staff

Program Expectations

  • Every Student Ambassador is required to volunteer at 3 assigned events throughout the school year. These events are assigned based on the ranking you complete while filling out your application.
  • Each semester, every Ambassador is required to sign up for a one hour time block per week that they would be available to give a tour. This time is only used if a prospective student or staff member calls and requests a tour. Ambassadors usually end up giving 0-2 tours a semester.
  • You must attend Student Ambassador Orientation in the fall.

Why You Should Apply

Many Student Ambassadors find that the program is a great way to gain leadership skills (even those who aren’t formally serving in a leadership role), and to expand their confidence and comfort level in working with large groups of people. As a Student Ambassador you have the opportunity to connect with faculty/staff, students from other classes, alumni, and prospective students.