Co-Curricular Activity Basics

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are events that support the professional and personal development of individual students while completing their pharmacy curriculum.

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What are Co-Curricular Activities?

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are events that are purposefully designed to complement or enhance material learned from the didactic and experiential pharmacy curriculum. These events can be hosted or created by student organizations, the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy, or other pre-approved pharmacy organizations, and can encompass a range of topics falling under six predetermined CCA categories. Attending or participating in CCAs allows students to fulfill credit requirements within the Professional Development and Engagement (PDE) courses in DPH years 1 -3. Beyond course credit, CCAs also allow students to attend or participate in events optionally.

The CCA Calendar contains activities for all of the CCA categories.

  • Once in the CCA Calendar, you can filter on a specific category by selecting the category in the ‘Event Category’ drop-down list.
  • You can also change the view from List to Month or Day or Week.

What are the CCA Categories?

  • Exploring the Profession – This category involves events that broaden students’ discovery within the profession of pharmacy. Events under
    this category pertain to seeking more knowledge, education, and/or involvement in the many fields of pharmacy.
  • Community Outreach & Diversity – This category encompasses attendance and/or participation of events that educate, promote, discover, and
    aid outreach and diversity within the profession of pharmacy and patient care.
  • Teamwork – This category focuses on teamwork and collaboration among students of pharmacy and/or among other disciplines in healthcare.
  • Leadership & Advocacy – This category focuses on advocating for the field of pharmacy or learning about topics of leadership applicable to the pharmacy profession.
  • Professional Engagement – This category hosts events that focus on student participation within the profession of pharmacy.
  • Personal Development – This category focuses on events that further develop students’ personal skills that pertain to the profession of pharmacy.

How do I Find out which Activities Provide Credit for each Category?

The List of CCA-Approved Events are grouped by CCA category. Students may refer to the list to identify the event and category that they may need for their required credit.

When are Students Required to Complete CCAs?

CCAs are needed to fulfill credit requirements for the Professional Development and Engagement (PDE) courses. The semesters in which CCA credit is required are listed as follows:

  • Spring DPH-1
  • Fall DPH-2
  • Spring DPH-2
  • Spring DPH-3

How do I Submit a CCA for Credit?

Once a CCA event is completed for credit, students must submit their attendance or participation within their respective PDE course located in Canvas. Instructions on how to do so will be provided in Canvas. If you have questions on how to document attendance or if an activity will count please reach out to the respective course coordinator.

How do I Request a New CCA Approval?

To request approval for a new activity, please reach out to the Student Senate Webmaster & Webmaster-Elect. The current Student Senate Webmaster can be found on the Student Senate webpage. Please prepare a description of the new event with enough information for a decision to be made. Email is the most preferred method of communication, and responses to the new proposal will be returned as soon as available. It is recommended for requests to be made at least 3 business days prior to new events being conducted, however, sooner requests will allow for more discussion and ensure an approval decision is made by time of event.

CCA approval is required for NEW events. Previously approved events do not need reapproval. Please refer to the CCA-approved events list to verify existing CCA-approved events.

Who can add to the CCA Calendar?

Only Student Senate representatives can submit a CCA event to the CCA Calendar. If a Calendar submission is made by someone other than the Student Senate representative, the submission will be declined.

How do I add to the CCA Calendar?

Student Senate representatives are highly encouraged to submit approved CCA events to the CCA Calendar as this calendar is designed to be a tool for students seeking CCA information.

A new calendar event can be submitted through the Intranet under the ‘Calendar Submission’ link. Fill in as much information on the form as possible. Please make sure to select an Event Category found on the right side of the form to correspond with the CCA’s event category as referenced above. This will help the event to appear on the correct CCA calendar. When you have finished filling out as many fields as possible, click on ‘Submit for Review’ found in the upper right side of the form. Please allow 24 workday hours for approval. Please refer to the Knowledge Base Help Document on Calendar Submissions for further instructions.