FAQ & Global Health Resources


Q: I want to do a APPE-RT my 4th year, will there be time to go abroad?

A: Yes!  Your APPE-RT will fill 6 of 8 blocks so you will be able to go abroad and still have a free elective rotation left to choose.

Q: Is it true that you are a less qualified candidate for residency if you do an APPE abroad? I have heard the clinical knowledge applied in different countries may not be helpful here in the United States so residency programs think it is a waste of time.

A: False! Many students who do an APPE abroad have gone on to do residencies. In fact, Tom Thielke (Director of Pharmacy at UW health for 20 years and helped train over 300 residents) said, “I look for residents who have studied abroad when selecting candidates. It shows they are not afraid of a challenge and are able to work hard to accomplish their goals.”

Q: Do I have to complete the global health certificate to go on an APPE abroad?

A: No! The global health certificate is its own entity. There are no pre-requisites to go on an APPE abroad other than having a GPA of at least a 3.0.

Q: But I do have to take that one credit class first, right?

A: Again, no! The one credit class is for the global health certificate. There are no class requirements to do an APPE abroad.

Q: Isn’t it super expensive?

A: Not always. This is dependent on which country you choose and their cost of living compared to the United States. For most trips, the airfare will be the largest cost. Remember, this will probably be the last time in your life where you get the opportunity to spend 6 whole weeks in a foreign country like this. Don’t let cost be the reason you miss out.

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