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Board Members

Board Members for PGHIG

Jenna Ciesielski



  • Countries:  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Cambodia, Thailand, Romania
  • Why you’re interested in global health: I enjoy learning about other cultures and how cultural aspects contribute to health and healthcare.  To me global health means more than just health in other countries; it’s important health topics and ideas that are relevant all over the world, including in the US.  I think it’s important to consider other perspectives because there is a lot we can learn from each other.


Katelyn Reiter



  • Countries: Canada, Guatemala, England, France, Belgium
  • Why you’re interested in global health: Participating in both local and international missions trips opened my eyes to the needs of communities in a variety of cultures and contexts.  These experiences initially sparked my interest in global health, and this interest keeps growing as I continue to learn about global health beyond missions. After graduation, I plan to participate in missions while learning from and educating others to increase awareness of global health topics and issues.


Moua Lee



  • Countries: Afghanistan

  • Why you’re interested in global health: Have been to a third-world country and have been amazed at the ingenuity needed to live in those conditions. Have felt very blessed to live the life I have, and to have been given a very different perspective of the world. Even now, everytime I get to sleep on a bed is a blessing.

Tabitha Miller


Student Senate Representative

  • Countries: Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Spain
  • Why you’re interested in global health: I’d like to help shape policies throughout the globe in order to increase access to healthcare and promote equity across all genders, races, religions, socioeconomic classes, etc. to increase health, in body, mind, and environment, across the world.


Hailey Thompson


Global Health Liaison

  • Countries: India, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Ireland, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Dominican Republic.
  • Why you’re interested in global health: Global health is such an important topic because it affects us all. Epidemics, outbreaks and health concerns occur in all reaches of the globe and can impact anyone regardless of socioeconomic standing, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Everyone thinks about global health as limited to undeveloped or underdeveloped areas of our world when in truth, global health concerns can be found anywhere. I am interested in global health because I want to be a part of the team that helps ensure care for all and to help prevent epidemics and illnesses that threaten us all. Illness knows no physical boundaries such as borders, so why should they impact the way we perceive and provide health care. A global approach to health care, in which the entire global population is our potential patient, is the only way to work towards a healthier planet.



Cait Albrecht



  • Countries: Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Ghana, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic

  • Why you’re interested in global health: Health is so important and has such far reaching effects, yet there is much inequality in access to healthcare and in healthcare outcomes, both within the US and abroad. I’m interested in global health because I want to learn more about individuals’ different priorities, their cultures, and the ways in which healthcare is delivered in their communities — I think it’s necessary to have an understanding of these in order to work toward eliminating these inequalities.

Carly Gillis


Co-Director of Community Outreach

  • Countries: Guatemala, Mexico, Domincan Republic
  • Why you’re interested in global health: It’s truly incredible how vastly different health care is among various countries as well as in different communities throughout the US. When most people think of global health, they think of helping third world countries, which is very much encompassed in global health.  However, global health also refers to the areas of the United States that are not as fortunate as others. I would like to focus on strategies to promote awareness, provide perspective as well as assist areas of health disparities in both the United States as well as countries around the world.


Rachel Russ


Co-Director of Community Outreach

  • Countries: Belize, Costa Rica, Spain, France, UK, Scotland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Russia, South Africa
  • Why you’re interested in global health: Health and culture go hand in hand. A person’s experiences and way of life are directly linked to their health the way they make decisions regarding their health. I think it is incredibly interesting and important to learn about other cultures in order to provide the best care we can as health providers. Travel has been a huge part of  my life growing up and being able to combine that with my studies and professional interests is very exciting.


Michelle Benson



  • Countries traveled to: China, Mexico, Honduras, Cambodia, Thailand
  • Reason for interest in global health: I believe that health should be universal worldwide. By working together with other countries we can learn and help each other grow.