About Us

Global Health and PGHIG

Global health considers health-related outcomes at the population level and in the context of the world. It is impacted by numerous factors including environment, geographic location, government, education, along with many other social determinants. PGHIG allows students to explore the role of pharmacy in global health by providing a variety of experiences at the local and international levels. Each of our members contribute diversely based on their unique backgrounds, expanding our organization’s understanding of pharmacy on a global scale. Many students within PGHIG and the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy are also pursuing a Global Health Certificate to continue their involvement in improving the health of populations worldwide. The Global Health Institute also provides a plethora of international field opportunities which we encourage you to check out through this link!

Benefits of Global Health Involvement

  • Acquire an understanding for pharmacists’ roles in global/population health
  • Experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as swimming with sharks, visiting historic monuments, living in another country, and so much more!
  • Explore a variety of cultures through food, lifestyle, music, religion, treatment practices, etc.
  • Gain knowledge on how various healthcare systems operate and how global powers influence health policy
  • Making positive impacts in the Madison community by volunteering or participating in activities such as clothing or food drives
  • Network with healthcare professionals of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Obtain unique experiences to add to a Resume or CV