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About Global Health
Global Health Care is important to provide basic care to every population. Pharmacy plays a big role in health care all over the world. Our organization allows students to provide for these needs both locally and internationally. Every member’s experiences are different and unique in what they contribute to global health, working towards the ultimate goal of providing genuine health care worldwide. A continuum of Global Health opportunities are available to University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy students during all four years of their pharmacy education. The Global Heath Institute provides international field opportunities in Uganda, India, Thailand, and Ecuador while the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy has 4th year international rotations available in Belize, China, England, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and Oman.

Benefits for being involved in global health:

  • Better understanding of how other health care systems operate
  • Unique experience to add to your resume or CV
  • Take in a completely different culture (food, lifestyle, music, religion, etc)
  • Work with different types of people
  • Expand understanding of pharmacy on an international level
  • Work alongside health care professionals of different ethnicities and cultures
  • Experience once in a lifetime opportunities such as petting tigers, snorkeling in the Caribbean, seeing historic architecture, living in a different country
  • Health care cultural competency