Welcome to the Pharmacy Global Health Interest Group!

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The Pharmacy Global Health Interest Group (PGHIG) is a student group focused on learning more about international health care. We gather monthly to hear from speakers who are from or have visited other countries and then discuss the country itself as well as its health care system, pharmacy practice, and other points of interest. PGHIG is a great organization to join if you are interested in global health, going on an international rotation, or want to try something new!


Upcoming Events


More information to come soon in our September 2020 newsletter!


Meetings will occur monthly beginning in October. We will also still be collecting annual $5 membership dues at the meetings. We take cash, check, or Venmo.

  • September 29th, Global Health Opportunities at the School of Pharmacy

Attend this virtual event to learn about earning the Graduate/Professional Certificate in Global Health. Also learn about faculty led summer field courses in Thailand, Ecuador, and Uganda, and additional ways to get involved in global health activities. Additional opportunities include the Pharmacy Global Health Interest Group (PGHIG), service-learning trips, international 4th year APPE rotations, global health elective courses and more!